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Adobe Muse Icon on Bring Your Own Laptop

Adobe Muse

The Short Answer:

Muse software is perfect for designers who want to build occasional websites.*

The Long Answer:

Adobe Muse is primarily for graphic designers who want to build beautiful websites without writing code. Anyone familiar with other Adobe products such as Photoshop or InDesign will find the transition to this software really easy.

Muse can be learnt to a very high level in only 2 days which makes it a great option for people who have only the occasional web project. Because Muse hides all the code there can be times where there are some latest web technologies cannot be fully utilised. For smaller websites this is fine, however, if you want to optimise the full potential and power of the internet then learning to code using something like Sublime is really necessary.

Muse allows you to quickly add things like slideshows, forms, video and navigation with a click of a button. You can then spend your time redesigning the components for fit your style.

Target Audience

  • Graphic designers
  • DIY business people
  • Marketers

Sublime Text 3 Icon on Bring Your Own Laptop

Sublime 3

The Short Answer:

Sublime is for people who want a career in web design & development.*

The Long Answer:

Code is beautiful and web design is an amazing journey.

Sublime is a code editor used by the web industry to help us use HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript when creating our websites. Sublime is the tool of choice for our Web Design Combo course. The main point to understand about using Sublime is that you’re not only learning Sublime the software - you’re learning how to become a professional web designer.

If you have any interest in a career in web design and development then taking our Web Design Combo using Sublime should be your very next move. Learning how to code opens up an immense world of possibilities and career opportunities.

Sublime is an amazing tool - one of many - that supports us in developing websites. BYOL love it because it has a free option which makes it great for people starting out. More importantly is the most popular code editor here in New Zealand for professionals.

Target Audience

  • Career Changes
  • Entrepreneurs
  • School leavers

*Please remember that the advice given here is a view point based on experience and there will be exceptions to the rules above. We advise you do your own research & form your own opinion. We're happy take feedback if you feel anything is misrepresented. Big Love - Dan @ BYOL.