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Microsoft Combo

3 DAYS  |  $749 inc gst  |  $639 EARLY BIRD


[Due to lack of demand, this course has been discontinued]

New to all the Microsoft tools? The exclusive Bring Your Own Laptop Microsoft Combo is an efficient and value for money way to learn Microsoft’s most important software in only 3 days, saving $370!

You will know how these programs work so you're able to utilise all their features individually. But the real exciting strength to this combo is learning how they all come together in your workflow.

You will learn from an experienced Microsoft Instructor who will show you where and how each Microsoft product should be used.

While this course is typically for Word, Excel & Powerpoint, you can choose from any 3 of our Microsoft one day courses. Choose from Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access or Project. Please book this course and let us know via your booking or by email if you would like to choose different courses.


Why learn only some of the tools you have available when you can join our exclusive Microsoft Combo course?

You’re brilliant trainer will empower you with the skills, strategies, and technical insights you need for developing an incredible understanding of these Adobe products.

Note: You can do your 3 day course in one block or email us and you can break it into parts at no extra cost.

As in all of our individual classes, your Microsoft courses come with New Zealand most amazing aftercare support. This includes a free resit of your course within 12 months. You get free email support from your trainer too. If that wasn’t enough you also get access to videos of the topics covered in your course.


  • You'll need Microsoft Office 2016 install on your laptop. The standard installation of Office 2016 or the Microsoft 365 version is fine.
  • You can bring your own laptop or you can borrow one of ours for free - Mac or PC.

Microsoft Combo

3 DAYS  |  $749 inc gst  |  $639 EARLY BIRD

Great for larger groups and people who have specfic dates/needs.

Contact Margaret with your requirements & she'll send you more information and a price.

Microsoft Combo

3 DAYS  |  $749 inc gst  |  $639 EARLY BIRD


  • The Microsoft Combo course is a combination of any 3, one day Mircosoft courses available at Bring Your Own Laptop. Please see their outlines for more details.
  • Choose from:

Microsoft Combo

3 DAYS  |  $749 inc gst  |  $639 EARLY BIRD

Resit your course


Popping back in & refreshing your course once within 12 months can be a great help if you’re really new to a topic.

Laptop Rental


Many of our delegates don't have a laptop to bring. So... we have a bunch of them here ready to use free of charge.

Email Support


After your class you get your trainers personal email address. So you can ask for help for a whole year. Nice!

Microsoft video tutorial backup


After your course you will have access to a complete video version for 12 months (worth $202 NZD). Covering everything from your training so you can brush up your skills easily.



We have crafted the worlds best support material for your course. We're so proud of our amazing take home notes. You will be too.

Small Classes


Other training centres run classes of 20 or more! We keep our classes intimate so that your really looked after no matter what your skill level.

More Course Information

Bring Your Own Laptop operates interactive classroom training, and one on one coaching, in 3 different countries. Our founder and instructors are all seasoned veterans of design, development and training for everyone from office secretaries to students to teams in large corporations.

We know teaching as much as we know the things we teach. We know you don’t want to be lectured or threatened with 10 Kilogram textbooks. That’s why all our courses are operated as interactive classes with other delegates to get the information flowing, keep the questions coming and give you a relaxed environment to help you learn.

We also know that the best way to learn something is to do it; so we built our courses around step by step practical projects. We start at the very beginning, assuming nothing about what you (do or don’t) know. Everything you do is building a comprehensive foundation you can rely on in the future.

Because you are all under the expert care of your instructor, when you have a question, or need help, you get it right then and there. We’ve noticed over the years that everyone benefits from learning the solution, so we really encourage you to ask as often as necessary. And it’s encouraging to share the problems and solutions with your fellow classmates.

Our care for you doesn’t stop there. Because we would rather you focus your attention on actually building things, rather than taking notes, we provide you with notes and videos that cover every aspect of your course. They’re a great reference if you don’t remember something, and a useful refresher if you’re revisiting a specific tool or technique.

Added to that, you get a year of free email support for any questions you have as you boldly go where you’ve never gone before. Got a problem that’s holding you up? Can’t remember how to do something? Not sure what tool or template to use? Send an email and your instructor will be there to help you find the right answer. BYOL has your back.

To top it all off, if you didn’t ‘get it’ the first time, you can retake the course within 12 months totally free of charge. We want to make sure you really understand, and we take our after-course support seriously.

With all the Microsoft applications, especially within Office 365, being able to share information and tasks, we see a tremendous value in learning at least 3 of them at the same time. Microsoft has gone to great lengths to have the same tools and menus in each program perform the same tasks. There are a few context sensitive moments when things change, and again, getting combination training is going to show you how to cope when a tool suddenly behaves differently from one program to another.

Being able to move not just information but layouts and functions between apps is not only a huge time saver, it’s important to know how far you can take it. Tables from Excel inside a Word document. Merging mail and contacts lists from Access into a printable list or extracting the right information and displaying it in PowerPoint. There are hundreds of possible combinations, and we will show you the essential techniques so you can know when to do it, and how.

As well as getting to know software in use in almost every office in the world, your training will give you the solid grounding you can push out from. And if you bundle your Microsoft Essentials courses together you’ll save money and get a lot more out of seeing how the programs work together.

You’ll not only be gaining new skills, you’ll be adding value to you and your employer with all your new-found confidence and abilities.

So, call or email us today and discuss which programs (or all of them) you need to gain mastery of. We will help you choose the right courses and the right combinations to get you world class training in Microsoft products that’s easy to understand and enjoyable to attend. And don’t forget our amazing after course support.

Everyone here at BYOL believes in sharing. We ensure part of our profits every month goes to wonderful charities doing amazing things.