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Video Combo

4 DAYS  |  $1599 inc gst  |  $1359 EARLY BIRD


This corporate video combo training combines the Premiere Pro Intro and the After Effects Intro classes. By booking this combo you save nearly $300 over booking them separately.

Video production is becoming more accessible, and many people are staying ‘in house’ to produce the large amount of content a vibrant organisation needs to create. This means someone has to edit and finish all of this content and do it to a high standard.

  • E-Learning / Training videos
  • Interviews
  • Product demonstrations
  • Motion graphics
  • Infographics
  • Professional Youtube videos

Bring Your Own Laptop in Auckland has a major piece of the puzzle for you – a complete 4 day training experience for video post-production that shows you how to use Adobe After Effects CC and Adobe Premiere Pro CC to edit, enhance, and finish video content for social media, broadcast, and websites.


If you need to edit, enhance, encode and upload video content, this is the hands on training that will reveal the power of Premiere Pro and After Effects and get you up and running.

This class will take you through the techniques needed to create corporate video, online promotional video, elearning training video & interviews.


  • No previous video, After Effects or Premiere Pro experience is necessary.
  • After Effects and Premiere Pro CC installed (Free Demo Available here)
  • You can bring your own laptop or you can borrow one of ours free - Mac or PC.

Video Combo

4 DAYS  |  $1599 inc gst  |  $1359 EARLY BIRD

Great for larger groups and people who have specific dates or needs.

Contact Margaret with your requirements & she will send you more information and a costing.

Video Combo

4 DAYS  |  $1599 inc gst  |  $1359 EARLY BIRD



Video Combo

4 DAYS  |  $1599 inc gst  |  $1359 EARLY BIRD

"Great, engaging and very informative. Chris is friendly and helped with my stupid questions."

- Lauren Dyke (Bauer Media)

- Video Combo Course

"Excellent - great pace of learning, notes provided so we didn't have to write anything, time to play and test skills out."

- Michelle Starns (Fletcher Building)

- Video Combo Course

"Set at a good pace, easy to follow. The trainer was patient and friendly."

- Shelley Knowles (Unicef)

- Video Combo Course


Video Combo

4 DAYS  |  $1599 inc gst  |  $1359 EARLY BIRD

Adobe certified instructors


We are NZs ONLY Adobe Authorised training centre & we’re super picky about choosing experienced staff.

Laptop Rental


Many of our delegates don't have a laptop to bring. So... we have a bunch of them here ready to use free of charge.

Email Support


After your class you get your trainers personal email address. So you can ask for help for a whole year. Nice!

Resit your course


Popping back in & refreshing your course once within 12 months can be a great help if you’re really new to a topic.



We have crafted the worlds best support material for your course. We're so proud of our amazing take home notes. You will be too.

Small Classes


Other training centres run classes of 20 or more! We keep our classes intimate so that your really looked after no matter what your skill level.

More Course Information

Video post-production is more than just editing. You need to organise media, create and add titles, bring in soundtrack elements, add animation and effects to bring the ‘finished’ feel, and of course you need to know how to export the right format for YouTube, DVD or even broadcast. There is no limit to how simple or how involved you can make a video, but your audience is way more sophisticated than ‘cat videos’, so you need to make the effort to not only look competent, but to ensure that your work is an 'attention grabber'.

Adobe has a very long and respected history in video with Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. They work together seamlessly giving you all the tools you will need to create stunning material.

Of course, you have to start somewhere, and our 4 day combo of our Premiere Pro and After Effects training is perfectly planned to give you the complete overview of both Adobe apps together – the way they were intended to be used.

No matter you are a novice or someone who has already dabbled a little, we start from the beginning and show you how both apps work the way Adobe intended. Bring Your Own Laptop is an Accredited Adobe Training Centre offering Adobe Certified Training. We have many years of experience and can show you best practice and techniques – all without drowning you in detail, or ignoring those little things which often turn out to be huge timesavers.

Our interactive training is totally 'hands on' because you are in the room with your instructor working on actual content creation. You learn by doing, and you get assistance and guidance as you need it. We want you to ask questions, try new things and make sure you’ve understood everything as you go.

We also provide you with comprehensive custom notes printed out for you to take home with you. You will have a handy reference that exactly matches what you learned well after the course is finished and you wont need to struggle to take notes all day.

We know you will have questions as you continue to apply what you have learned during the Corporate Video Training course, so we give you a year of email support by a tutor – if you have a question, we’re ready to answer.

If you don’t feel like you grasped everythingl over the 4 days, we offer you the chance to retake the course, within the following 12 months, completely free. We are serious about you giving you the right training so that you can get the most out of these amazing software packages.

All you need to do is bring your own laptop (Mac or PC, we speak both) with the latest versions of Premiere Pro and After Effects installed (get the latest versions free for 7 days via Adobe Cloud). If you don’t have a laptop, just let us know and you can borrow one of ours – Mac or PC.

Over the four days, you’ll get to know both programs as you go hands on building projects and creating assets. This means you will learn the basics of video editing, get to grips with compositing, and learn how to create the transitions and effects that raise the appeal and quality of your production.

You will learn the best approach to the workflow for both programs, where they overlap in features, and when to choose one over the other. You will also find out what all the tools do, how to create and manage projects, and how to ‘round trip’ or swap project elements between both apps to combine their strengths and see the unbeatable power of Adobe’s strategy to interconnect a large number of their programs.

Adobe’s recent major overhaul of Premiere Pro means you have world class colour correction and a streamlined interface at your fingertips. As well as learning how to import assets, create projects with the right settings and export the final result, you’ll be covering the basics of cuts, transitions and layer effects and working with audio and titles inside Premiere. We make sure you learn the right tool or technique for the right function, and show you those shortcuts that can save you minutes and hours of doing it all manually or rendering more than you need.

With After Effects' unrivalled abilities, it’s important you know more than just creating, adjusting and exporting projects – learn how to leverage layers, masks, transitions, plugins and effects on individual layers and the whole project. We’ll show you how After Effects can manipulate and animate everything from simple shapes to 3D objects.

The entire 4 days is practical, we learn by doing at Bring Your Own Laptop. No dusty lectures in a vast hall, and no trying to keep up with a video. We want you ask questions, try variations and make suggestions. You’ll be in our cool central Auckland space with likeminded participants who want to get the most out of the 4 days. No one gets left behind, and we make sure of it. Not only do we know you’ll enjoy the training, but we know from our years of experience that you will gain real world skills that allow you to make the most of After Effects and Premiere Pro.

So pick up the phone or email us for the next dates for the 4 day Corporate Video Training sessions, and you’ll be giving yourself the ability to use Premiere and After Effects to create high quality and creative video projects. No matter what your level of experience, we will show you how to do it without the guessing and the stressing. We’ll give you the training that makes it all possible for you.

Everyone here at BYOL believes in sharing. We ensure part of our profits every month goes to wonderful charities doing amazing things.