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Cinema 4D Training

2 DAYS  |  $744 inc gst  |  $633 EARLY BIRD


[Due to lack of demand, this course has been discontinued]

Cinema 4D is the multi-talented powerhouse of 3D design and animation. Cinema 4D enables you to easily create objects and characters and bring it all to life. Cinema 4D adds a helping hand with built in features that painlessly add the depth and detail your work. Not only is Cinema 4D user friendly and intuitive, so is Bring Your Own Laptop’s Cinema 4D Training. We know how powerful the software is, and how to get you using Cinema 4D with the most clear and accessible course available.

If you need to create amazing 3D graphics, our course will give the best possible start - we take it right from the beginning. Our Cinema 4D training is no dusty lecture though; it’s hands on with one of the best 3D tools on the planet, and we’ll have you creating objects, generating advanced 3D effects and helping you leverage the true potential of Cinema 4D. Without skipping the essentials that make Cinema 4D one of the easiest animation and design tools in the world.

Bring Your Own Laptop’s Cinema 4D training is going to unleash your creative potential, with a solid foundation you will build on for years, and all without needing to know anything about Cinema 4D (or even 3D) before you begin.


Bring Your Own Laptop’s Cinema 4D training is for anyone who wants to learn 3D animation, trype animation or object design. If you only have a little experience, or none at all, this is the course for you! We assume no prior knowledge and start at the very beginning. Great software meets great training.


  • You can bring your own laptop. Or you may  choose to Borrow one of ours for free - Mac or PC.
  • Cinema 4D installed (Cinema 4D offers a free trial and can be downloaded here)

Cinema 4D Training

2 DAYS  |  $744 inc gst  |  $633 EARLY BIRD

Our Cinema 4D course will start soon in Auckland. Please leave us your email if you'd like to be notified when they start

Our Cinema 4D course will start soon in Wellington. Please leave us your email if you'd like to be notified when they start

Great for larger groups and people who have specfic dates/needs.

Contact Margaret with your requirements & she'll send you more information and a price.

Cinema 4D Training

2 DAYS  |  $744 inc gst  |  $633 EARLY BIRD

Adobe certified instructors


We are NZs ONLY Adobe Authorised training centre & we’re super picky about choosing experienced staff.

Laptop Rental


Many of our delegates don't have a laptop to bring. So... we have a bunch of them here ready to use free of charge.

Email Support


After your class you get your trainers personal email address. So you can ask for help for a whole year. Nice!

Resit your course


Popping back in & refreshing your course once within 12 months can be a great help if you’re really new to a topic.



We have crafted the worlds best support material for your course. We're so proud of our amazing take home notes. You will be too.

Small Classes


Other training centres run classes of 20 or more! We keep our classes intimate so that your really looked after no matter what your skill level.

More Course Information

Maxon wrote Cinema 4D to be a complete solution from designing your character or object, to adding motion to final output. We want you to get the most out of Cinema 4D with training that’s as smooth to learn through as Cinema 4D is to operate with.

The training is hands on – no long winded lectures, and no trying to keep up with a 12 year old on YouTube. You will be learning what all the tools are, the basic workflow and the workspace. All under the watchful eye of your instructor who loves this stuff as much as you do. We make sure everyone is achieving the goals as we go – no one gets left behind. And because it’s interactive, you have real live people to talk to as you go. You get the help you need when you need it. Without searching the 400 page manual.

Everyone who does our Cinema 4D course gets a printed manual – it’s ours, and it was written to perfectly match our training. Long after you have gone home, you’ll have a handy reference to remind you exactly what you learned.

Of course, the more you dive into what you learn in BYOL’s Cinema 4D training, the more questions you‘ll have, because now you know what to ask! We’ve got you covered with a year of email support from your instructor – just ask any Cinema 4D question and you’ll get help.

And if you really feel like you didn’t fully grasp the concepts, we offer you the chance to do the Cinema 4D training again. For free. Yes, you can retake the course up to one year from your first course date.

We can offer this because our Cinema 4D training is simple in its uncomplicated presentation (and your execution) of the fundamental aspects of Cinema 4D. Our live and in person learning experience makes sure that you know what you are doing, because we are all doing it together, and there’s a real person to check your work, answer questions and solve problems when it’s not quite there yet.

Because we want you to be up and running with real world skills, and doing it with the same tools and techniques as the pros, we cover all the parts of Cinema 4D you will use every day. We deal with the menus, the tool and command palettes and how to manage project settings and preferences.

The training gets you comfortable with the viewport, content browser and the various object managers. Don’t let it sound confusing, we are actual experts at demystifying this stuff and giving you a real world context on how and why to use these features.

3D design and animation relies heavily on how the object is viewed, it’s called the ‘camera’ and the course will teach you what it is, and how to make the most of it. We’ll cover camera basics, how to move the object and the camera too. And then we’ll show you how to render the results so that you will finish the course with things you can actually show your friends or boss. Snap. That’s the sound of you actually being able to deliver, and it’s a great feeling we’ve built into our Cinema 4D training, because at Bring Your Own Laptop we don’t just do theory, we do real work with real results. We know you’ll enjoy that, and after hundreds of courses and thousands of students, we gotten good at making you good.

A fundamental part of 3D design is working with models and textures. These are the building blocks that come together to make an object or a character. It’s hands on, so you’ll actually get to make things. Then you get to light it (lighting another fundamental skill) and, of course, add motion.

Even if you decide to try other 3D applications, what you learn in Bring Your Own Laptop’s Cinema 4D training will give a sufficient grounding in the essentials of 3D and motion graphics that you’ll still be using what you learned regardless of what software you use in the future.

Our training is led by people who are into what they teach. We love this stuff, and we’re keeping up with the latest trends, extras and techniques. We can answer your questions, and your instructors learned this stuff on the coal face – doing it in the real world. We love academia, but we put our practical foot forward first when it comes to creating the best training, and running enjoyable and productive courses.

You can bring your own laptop, or if you don’t have one, borrow one of ours. If you bring yours, please have the latest version of Cinema 4D installed. You can get a free demo version at That’s all you need. Again, no prior knowledge necessary.

Oh, and our swanky Auckland facility has some seriously good food and coffee in the neighbourhood just to make sure you get what you need to keep you going.

So now it’s up to you to give us a call or email and book in for the next Maxon Cinema 4D training course. It’s awesome so that one day you will be awesome. We take you from zero to hero and give you a firm foundation to understanding and mastering Cinema 4D, and the limitless world of 3D design and animation. Make the best choice for your training and call Bring Your Own Laptop now.

Everyone here at BYOL believes in sharing. We ensure part of our profits every month goes to wonderful charities doing amazing things.