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AngularJS Training


[Due to lack of demand, this course has been discontinued]

Are you using or learning JavaScript? Do you need to create dynamic webpages and want something to do the heavy lifting without endless HTML coding? Do you want a page that won’t break easily and is better about being truly WYSIWYG during development? AngularJS is the muscle behind websites like Intel, NBC and ABC News. It makes the most of HTML’s native stability and open development with the power of JavaScript, and it’s ideal for developing single page application websites – fast becoming the preferred UI (user interface) for major sites. AngularJS’ fully client side framework means the end user’s browser makes all the changes to what the user sees, with more stability and flexibility due to its compiled HTML – all without any interaction from the server.

No matter if you understand all of the above, if you need to get the most out of JavaScript, or you are looking to build a more reliable website with the Single Page Application (SPA) mind-set. Bring Your Own Laptop has the AngularJS training that you need to exploit what is fast becoming a ‘must have’ tool set. This is hands-on and real world AngularJS training that will give you a solid, practical and understandable comprehension of how to exploit AngularJS and integrate it into your web development skillset.

This course will make the most of your previous knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP or JavaScript and open up a whole new ability with AngularJS training that shows you where and why to use it as well as how.


Our AngularJS training is great for building a new set of skills on top of your code abilities. If you already know the basics of JavaScript or HTML in particular AngularJS training is going to give you the tools to build killer single Page application websites and develop more robust web applications.


  • You can bring your own laptop. Or you may  choose to Borrow one of ours for free - Mac or PC.

AngularJS Training

This course is run as a custom/inhouse course. Please contact us for more details.

AngularJS Training

Adobe certified instructors


We are NZs ONLY Adobe Authorised training centre & we’re super picky about choosing experienced staff.

Laptop Rental


Many of our delegates don't have a laptop to bring. So... we have a bunch of them here ready to use free of charge.

Email Support


After your class you get your trainers personal email address. So you can ask for help for a whole year. Nice!

Resit your course


Popping back in & refreshing your course once within 12 months can be a great help if you’re really new to a topic.



We have crafted the worlds best support material for your course. We're so proud of our amazing take home notes. You will be too.

Small Classes


Other training centres run classes of 20 or more! We keep our classes intimate so that your really looked after no matter what your skill level.

More Course Information

AngularJS has some amazing advantages, one of the most popular being is able to use AngularJS for sites that make all their changes on one page, with everything being done in the user’s browser, and no server interaction required. It cuts down on traffic, and boosts reliability because AngularJS compiles all the required information to HTML, making it the browser’s job to do the work. This streamlines the user experience and many major websites are beginning to use this thinking in their latest designs.

One of the other major benefits has been more reliable testability, and easier collaboration when sharing a project amongst multiple developers. Bring Your Own Laptop has been leading the way in easy to understand JavaScript and HTML training for years, and building on that we are excited to offer you the next step with our AngularJS training.

This course will show you several uses for AngularJS with real world application. That’s actually how we teach AngularJS – we take you through the fundamentals by actually developing apps and deploying and testing the results.

We know you learn best by doing it. We make it better by being there with you to answer every question you have, when you have it. You won’t get that from a book or a video. Our AngularJS training also benefits from a room full of likeminded people who will be asking the right questions and sharing in your experience. We’ve learned that this kind of shared enthusiasm leads to much more adventurous (and comprehensive) learning – you’re more likely to push boundaries and ask questions as part of a group. That interaction is one of the reasons our AngularJS training far exceeds what you can get from even the best book or blog. There are no ‘dumb’ questions in one of our classes, and no one gets left behind.

As you are working on actual applications you’ll get real time results, real world feedback and, of course, it’s industrial grade. We teach you the fundamentals of what you will be actually using when deploying AngularJS on your site and server.

Part of that foundation will include learning the benefits and philosophy of AngularJS. We’ve mentioned a couple of the obvious and popular ones here. But your AngularJS training wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t show a number of ways to leverage the framework. We’ll delve into guidelines and best practices – using AngularJS the way it was meant to be used so you can get the most stable result. Then we’ll show you the many ways to run end-to-end testing, and why the results are so reliable compared to other development environments. We’ll also show you unit testing, how to write for it and how to use the Karma and Jasmine styles of testing. As an example, you’ll learn how to inject mock data and measure the resulting output and behaviour.

Other areas we cover include data binding, behaviour with directives, filters, and of course how to leverage AngularJS so you can write less code.

This course is designed to make the most of what you already know code wise. While JavaScript and or HTML are the obvious choices, if you have a background in PHP or CSS we can show you how to use AngularJS.

Other than sharing the lovely facilities with a real live instructor, and fellow keen students, we provide you with printed notes carefully written to reflect our AngularJS training down to the last syntax and example project. We know how handy it is to have a quick reference during the course, but naturally it’s even more use when you go home.

And when you’ve completed the course, we know the questions won’t stop. You get a whole year of email support from your instructor to help you on your journey to putting what you learned into practice.

If you feel you didn’t quite make the most of your AngularJS training day, we give you the chance to take the course again, up to one year after! Bring your own laptop so you are comfortable, or if you don’t have a laptop, then you can borrow one of ours. Just make sure you have the latest version of AngularJS on your machine – you can get more information at

So if you are keen to enhance your HTML or JavaScript talents, you need to create expressive and wonderfully readable websites with shorter development times or you want to push the boundaries of what HTML can do, then AngularJS training from Bring Your Own Laptop is the next logical step.

Give us a call or send an email and we will book you in for the best (and probably the most stress free) AngularJS learning experience in New Zealand.

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