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Adobe Animate CC Intro

2 DAYS  |  $947 inc gst  |  $799 EARLY BIRD


HTML5 Has become the dominant platform for interactive content and advertising. Fortunately for you, Adobe has repurposed their massively capable Flash resources into the new Adobe Animate CC. All the power and creativity of Flash, all the standards and compatibility of HTML5. And we have all the great Adobe Animate training to get the best of both worlds.

This course is tailored to your specific applications around advertising and integrated animated elements for your banner ads, websites or whatever it is you need. Your Adobe Animate training is made to measure for your company’s exact needs. The Adobe Animate course is based on your applications and happens within your schedule for a perfect fit.

We start you and your team right at the beginning so that everyone has a complete foundation in Adobe Animate CC, training for the right results for your organisation. Working through (your) real world projects, you get to grips with the tools, the techniques, and how to properly publish them to your platforms.

Our enjoyably interactive training is delivered by an Adobe Certified Instructor. In fact, Bring Your Own Laptop is New Zealand’s only Adobe Authorised Training Centre. We go beyond even that to custom design the course and outcome so you and your team get training that makes sense for what you do in your business – no ‘one size fits all’ books or videos here.

Our aim is that every delegate leaves our InDesign Course with the confidence to apply their new skills effectively in the real world. That's why we continue to help you after your class with 6-month complimentary email support.


We offer one on one or team training in Adobe Animate CC. Custom designed courses are best run for a company team working on the same projects, products or platforms. No previous experience in Adobe Flash or Adobe Animate CC is required. Basic computer skills are assumed, but we take you from zero to hero when it comes to Adobe Animate training.


  • No previous Adobe Animate CC experience necessary.
  • Adobe Animate CC installed (Free Demo Available here)
  • You can bring your own laptop or you can borrow one of ours for free - Mac or PC.

Adobe Animate CC Intro

2 DAYS  |  $947 inc gst  |  $799 EARLY BIRD



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Adobe Animate CC Intro

2 DAYS  |  $947 inc gst  |  $799 EARLY BIRD


  • New Documents
  • Drawing rectangles
  • Adjusting shapes
  • Layers
  • The polystar tool
  • The pencil tool
  • Vector brush libraries
  • Free transform tool
  • Branded colours
  • Adobe Color]
  • Gradients
  • Shape tweens
  • Previewing your project
  • Shape tweens & extending backgrounds
  • Looping
  • Width tool
  • Creating symbols and instances
  • Editing symbol instances
  • Editing ‘symbols’
  • Type and fonts
  • Classic tween
  • Pausing your animation
  • Applying easing
  • Create custom ease
  • Importing images
  • Working with Photoshop files
  • Working with Illustrator files
  • Converting bitmaps to vectors
  • Image slide show
  • Nested animations
  • Working with sound
  • Button actions
  • Simple mask
  • Infographic - line graph
  • Buttons
  • Animating a bone system
  • Stop an animation from looping using Javascript
  • Motion tween
  • Applying easing
  • Motion guide
  • Motion preset
  • File size - what’s included
  • File size - image compression
  • Image spritesheets
  • Publishing - what you need in the end
  • Clicktag or click through
  • Adding Clicktag for Double Click
  • CreateJS
  • HTML publishing templates
  • Publishing to the Double Click Network (DCN)

Adobe Animate CC Intro

2 DAYS  |  $947 inc gst  |  $799 EARLY BIRD

"I learned a lot, the content was delivered really well and I am very happy with how it was taught. Trainer had a fantastic personality made the course really enjoyable, and was very prepared and answered all questions to the best of his knowledge."

- Luke Zorbas (The White Agency)

- HTML5 Banners

"Excellent. It was fun and engaging and lots to take away from the two days."

- Michael Momi

- HTML5 Banners

"Informative + interesting. I liked the way that the trainer wove in relevant information from the industry."

- Lucinda Dryden

- HTML5 Banners


Adobe Animate CC Intro

2 DAYS  |  $3000  |  For up to 12 delegates

Adobe certified instructors


We are NZs ONLY Adobe Authorised training centre & we’re super picky about choosing experienced staff.

Laptop Rental


Many of our delegates don't have a laptop to bring. So... we have a bunch of them here ready to use free of charge.



We have crafted the worlds best support material for your course. We're so proud of our amazing take home notes. You will be too.

Email Support


After your class you get your trainers personal email address. So you can ask for help for a whole year. Nice!

More Course Information

Prefer an online training course? Try our HTML5 banner ad course using Adobe Animate here.

Since Flash has been totally upgraded and overhauled as part of its rebirth into Adobe Animate, there are a raft of new super powers and tools to make life more creative. By the end of our training you will know what the tools do, and when to use them. All the tricks from creating the right sized workspace to which tool to use (and what you can do to what you’ve created after that!)

Adobe didn’t just change the name. Adobe Animate CC adds significant new features for animators and designers. Our Animate CC course reflects not only the new tools, but the new purpose of creating things for tight HTML5 compatibility, and of course all the power to bring designs to life for your web applications.

Adobe Animate CC lets you import objects and materials from a wide variety of sources – a doodle you captured with your phone, or a custom brush from the included libraries or one of millions of presets, objects and artworks accessible from the now built in Adobe Stock. We’ll show you how that syncs across all Adobe applications too.

We know file size is massively important – one pixel costs money over hundreds or thousands of pages served. We have the know how to get you creating ruthlessly economic banner ads, widgets or artwork that looks good without tying up a whole server.

You will learn how to select, use and reuse the right colours, type faces and objects so your corporate colours and logos are always correct, and in way that you can resize, reuse and recycle efficiently so you don’t waste your time doing the same tasks over and over.

And while you are creating things, we’ll help you come to terms with the new vector art brushes that let you animate and modify things you’ve drawn even after you’ve drawn them.

Because your Adobe Animate CC training is purpose built for your needs, when we teach you about the many output capabilities of Animate, we match the specs and desired outcome to the platform you are using. From Flash files, to HTML5 Canvas specs, WebGL -whatever you need.

A most requested aspect of our interactive training is creating banner and sidebar advertising that gets attention and clicks. By the end of this class you’ll be able to design and publish online advertising ready for the various ad networks including Google, Doubleclick, Admob, Sizmek and many more.

Don’t worry if that sounds a little complicated. We start at the very beginning, sharing with you the basics and ensuring everyone in your team has a solid foundation in using Adobe Animate the way it was intended. Another benefit of your instructor being actually interested in creating great work, and of course being an Adobe Certified Instructor.

Some of the other features you will learn to use through actually using them include (depending on your specific needs): animating vector artwork, using and animating text and images in 3D, ActionScript inside Animate, design for mobile devices, embedding video elements and using hosted fonts.

Some of the important features we’ll cover to build your foundation are: Naming and tagging colours so you can update them across your entire document, creating animations with onion skinning, using Adobe Typekit to get the right styles every time, sprite sheet management tips and tricks so you can meet web standards, working with audio including sync, and working with the 360° rotatable canvas.

Along the way we’ll show you the right shortcuts, the small details that make a big difference, and of course, we’ll highlight the areas where many stumble – all in the name of training you to get the most productive and stress free understanding of Animate.

There are literally hundreds of tools and resources you can use, but we make sure you know the essentials and have a firm grasp of them before we take you into the step by step exercises that we create to teach you Adobe Animate CC in the context of what you do every day. That’s what makes our training work better for you than anything else around.

We spend time creating the right training to match what it is your company does, and what you need to get your whole team making the most of Adobe Animate CC. Our training is designed for you to not only get the best results, but to make the most value of your team’s time. We teach what you need, and show you how to use it all in your actual day to day operations.

This is why Bring Your Own Laptop brings the best interactive training to your workplace, or if it suits you our comfortable training centre. We don’t believe in boring lectures, or make you keep up with videos that gloss over the details. We make sure no one gets left behind. Our Adobe Animate course happens in real time – so you get the help and answers you need in real time. And without flipping through the manual every minute.

You also get printed course notes that perfectly match your Adobe Animate CC training. And don’t forget our 12 months of email support just in case you can’t quite remember something, or want to know more.

We can host the training at your facility and all we ask is that you have the latest version of Adobe Animate CC installed.

Forget dumping hours of video training on your unsuspecting staff – give us a call today and discuss getting real world training for Adobe Animate from real people who work alongside your staff and your business goals.

Everyone here at BYOL believes in sharing. We ensure part of our profits every month goes to wonderful charities doing amazing things.